Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Another day - another set of lies from our supposed friends

A French politician is trying to extend #ProjectFear by repeating Cameron's lie about Calais.

Let me explain why its just bluster.

Ask yourself how the UK deals with airliners that fly from countries that we don't have free  ovement of people agreements with ?

The answer is if an airline delivers someone without the correct documentation, passport and visa, then it gets fined heavily. Hence they do the checks before you get on the airplane.

This works just fine .

We would fine Eurostar or Eurotunnel for each undocumented person they deliver.

Once we are a sovereign nation again we can also take those who arrive without the correct documentation and move them to a camp in Africa or on an Atlantic Island such as Ascension whilst they are processed.

Very soon all illegal immigration would stop - but then the UK's big problem is actually legal immigration that would also come under our control when we leave the EU.

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